Snakepit Records is our Mix and Mastering Studio in Olavarria, Argentina. We choose Reaper DAW since 2010. V3.04. Commissioned works below. To work with us to Mix, Mastering or any production (TV/VG/Broadcast). Please, Contact you with Snakepit ©. (AR/MX).
Mastering: 9X6: Trunks Tiburon, Hante, YusYus, Jenny Eve + Dan Soderqvist (Twice A Man), Alvar, Schonwald, Tiers, Adam Berces, Die Lust!, Neue K, Dark-Places Kult, Pozhar, Mad Masks, Diego V. Solis, Miss Femdom : Triumph (Ep), Volkova : Trauma And Dreams, Volkova : Silent Howl (CD Version), Volkova : Silent Howl (Vinyl 12" version), Volkova : Trauma And Dreams, Volkova : Confusion Is A Good Weapon, Error Critico, Glasnost : Mirror, Umilenie : Paradigma, Arte Disfuncional : An history violence secuense, Flavio Da Rolds : The World is full of life, Vision Anomaly : (Re) Evolution Process, Tio Bonnis : El jefe.
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  • Side/Chain Mastering (Ref.)
  • Lufs (Dynamic/Loudness War)