ASCHE is a Band with a only one member: A vagrant with a Nickname only. His sound come from 90s mixes and Lo-fi recordings. Influenced by styles as: Metal, Industrial, Doom, Rock, Lo-fi, Punk, Oldskool. ASCHE was Formed at 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina or somewhere. (ASCHE is ...Music for Vagrants). You can read his notes on "The Anarchy of the Weaks". Currently, He compose music for videogames with noises/soundscapes taken from garbage. Check his works here. / In the past (2004-2009) He formed the Band called "Lujhboia" (AEDM). You can download his entire discography on this website. Get your copy!
"...We are feeding us with your waste."

Ens. Vcellos Cons. Bs As. (2017)
100 cellos (2017/18)
Orch. Sinf. Municipal Olavarria. (2018)
Curso de Mastering (AES/EU).
Construccion de procesadores de efecto y dispositivos electronicos.
Composicion cinematografica. Luis Maria Serra (UNA)./
Armonia para violoncello w/ Rafael Delgado. /
Workshops guitars w/ Baltasar Comotto (Indio Solari)./
Improvisacion con Juan Miguel Valentino (Willy Crook)./
Curso de Mastering (AES)./ Workshop grabacion y mezcla. (AES)
Clinica calibracion de instrumentos w/ Francisco Frulla./
Curso intensivo Apreciacion sonora y mezcla w/ Sergio Paoletti./
Clinica intensiva Acercamiento al contrabajo y la base w/ Luciano Dyzenchauz./
Clinica -El cuatro de Venezuela- w/ Hernan Gamboa./
Masterclass Violoncello mto. Daniel Saez (UNA). /
Press 2020 (.pdf)